Our Project Partners and Friends



This is a partnership of various organisations and individuals that share a common concern and love of the River Teign and without their continuous enthusiasm and help none of the work that we do would be possible. Here's an introduction to who they are and what they do.

The Teign Angling and Conservation Association

The Teign Angling and Conservation Association (TACA) are the lead partners in this project and responsible for it's delivery. An organisation that brings together all of those concerned for the river. Many of its representative members are owners of land and of fishing waters on the River Teign. While managing the angling interests is their primary concern, they are heavily involved in managing the health of the river and tributaries, it's fishery and its biodivesity - three subjects that are by definition inextricably linked.


They do exactly what you might imagine they do. Their aim, to preserve, protect, develop and improve the South West regions rivers and waterways. This charity established in 1994 takes a holistic, evidence-based approach to rivers and their catchments. An important part of their work has been in public engagement and inspiring others to value this often overlooked taken for the granted natural resource. They have a rich knowledge of the many characterful rivers of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. Their specific understanding of the River Teign and the problems it faces as well as their experience in training, citizen science and outreach will be extremely valuable to the River Teign Restoration Project over the course of its initial planned four years run time.



The National Trust are one of the largest landowners in the United Kingdom, the Trust owns almost 250,000 hectares (620,000 acres; 2,500 km2; 970 sq mi) of land and 780 miles of the coast. Its properties include over 500 historic houses, castles, archaeological and industrial monuments, gardens, parks and nature reserves. Founded in .... it's purpose to preserve and protect places of historical significance and natural beauty. The Trust is a major river bank owner and manager for a significant part of the upper reaches of the River Teign catchment. the most famous property being the Castle Drogo estate - which includes not only the building, the fantastical creation of Julius Drewe but also the spectacular steep-sided Teign Gorge, the ancient woodlands of Whiddon Deer park and other local river side woods. As such they are a major force in preserving the special qualities of the river along with their neighbours the Woodland Trust. The Trust will be lending its expertise at public engagement and practical conservation. There will be an exhibition (planned for the Autumn of 2021 that aims to celebrate the River and its links to Julius Drewe and his passion for the countryside and fly fishing) as well as public performances by MED theatre and they will be hosting a sculptural artwork by Peter Randall-Page.

The government body sponsored by DEFRA whose job is to help create better places for people and wildlife and support sustainable development. The agency established in 1996 is responsible for regulating major industry and waste, treatment of contaminated land, water quality and resources, fisheries, inland river, estuary and harbour navigations and conservation and ecology. They are also responsible for managing flood risk. As valued partners in this project, they bring to the table huge amounts of expertise and scientific knowledge on the river Teign, its tributaries and its hydrology.


MED Theatre is a developmental community theatre organisation and registered charity based on Dartmoor, working with people in remote rural areas. All of their work is inspired by the history, ecology and folklore of Dartmoor and surrounding Devon, as well as the pertinent social, scientific and environmental issues which face the residents of a National Park. Their ethos is to create multigenerational, original work using local material, which highlights the relationship between theatre and its surroundings. MED Theatre first grew out of a tradition of putting on original community plays with an aim to promote Dartmoor’s distinctiveness through its culture and its people. Over the years their programme has expanded to include young peoples plays, film projects and dance, as well as wider research projects. MED theatre will be implementing drama workshops in schools throughout the catchment as well as putting on a performance - themed around the river and its issues.

Peter Randall-Page is a local artist with international fame. Living within the catchment and an owner of a little piece of the river bank his art - sculpture and drawing - has always been informed and inspired by the study of organic form and the natural world. His beautiful, often deceptively simple creations offer a unique insight into nature’s microcosm by gently teasing out and exploring fundamental elements on a macro scale. As part of the project, Peter will be producing a sculptural piece that reflects the rivers story one that will be situated somewhere within the National trust's Castle Drogo estate, where several other of his pieces reside for chance discovery.




It's not that our partners are not friends! it's just that they were part of the initial proposal, the folk and organisations who leant their expertise and names to the project proposal right at the very begining when the project was spawned. Since launch, we've started meeting and making contact with some amazing people who believe in the ethos of the project and have some kind of relationshp with the subject of rivers abd their conservation. Thes people have been amazing and supported us in many ways some have generously allowed us to use their photographs, their words and their skills, often for free. So for these generous souls the least we can do is give them a mention here.

Jack Perks © Jack Perks

Jack is a good friend of the project - a new fish on the block in the world of wildlife filmmaking. Jack has quickly made a name for himself by taking cameras under the surface of the water, particularly the UK's ponds, rivers and ditches. Many of the excellent photos on this site attest to his love of his subjects and passion for aquatic life. He has too many credits to his name to list here, although for any 'fish twitcher' the book 'The Complex Lives of British Fishes' is an essential read - written by Mark Everard with many of Jack's photographs bringing the fish to the fore - If you want to know more follow this link to his own website. https://www.jackperksphotography.com/ He also has an excellent podcast - check it out here https://beardedtit.podbean.com/

Support from the fabulous creative team at Inspired by Wildlife a British not-for-profit environmental organisation dedicated to partnering with wildlife and conservation charities. We help them to raise awareness about crucial wildlife and conservation projects through outstanding photography, professional videography, website design and powerful storytelling.