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The River Teign Restoration project is a four-year river conservation project centred around improving the river and its tributaries for migratory fish species particularly Salmon and Seatrout. This project has been made possible by a grant of £243,100 awarded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Led by the Teign Angling & Conservation Association (TACA) it is a partnership between the National Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust, Environment Agency, MED Theatre and the internationally renowned artist Peter Randall-Page.

The project started in February 2021 with the recruitment of two part-time project officers. Working at a catchment scale (see map) the River Teign Restoration Project aims to establish a volunteer workforce to help improve the habitat for migratory fish, raise awareness of the river's importance for wildlife, and the key pressures causing fish declines. A healthy river that is good for fish is good for wildlife, biodiversity, and everything else living in the catchment, including us. Humans are as much a part of the story of a river as the creatures below the surface, and so a big part of this project is making those connections with communities up and down the catchment as well as regional visitors.

In order to convey the relevance of this river to all folk; young and old, local or visitor. We want to tell its stories and collect and capture oral histories associated with the long cultural heritage of the Teign.

This inspiration to help people to take an interest in the river will come in many forms; art instalments, volunteer days, guided walks, workshops, theatrical performances and the production of a book.




Geoff Stephens

Geoff Stephens (a rare shot of him without his hat!)
Geoff Stephens (a rare shot of him without his hat!)

Geoff has an enduring fascination and interest in the natural world and people. It's also fair to say he is a true Rheophile - a lover of rivers in general and has been all his life. He is particularly interested in those that contain trout, but is equally fond of the buzz of all life that surrounds. He has lived within a few minutes walk of the river Teign for some years and has an extensive knowledge of its upper reaches. He is a keen trout angler and is one half of  Fly fishing Devon - where he shares his local knowledge and expertise with others who wish to learn how and where to fish for trout.





Louise was brought up on a farm on the edge of Dartmoor, and has long had a love for the natural world. She has worked on catchment based projects for many years in Devon, and has been involved with the Riverfly Initiative since 2013. She has worked with farmers and landowners across the county to reduce agricultural pollution, and has provided water quality sampling and analysis on many of Devon's rivers.

Louise lives very close to the Teign in its lower reaches, and can often be found wandering the banks wildlife spotting, or finding a peaceful spot to sit with a flask of tea!




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Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) © Jack Perks
Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) © Jack Perks

Our Mission

The core mission of this project is to improve the River Teign as a habitat for migratory fish. Fish species such as Salmon and Sea Trout have noticeably declined in recent times.

Many issues face these fish during their extraordinary and complex life cycles. Factors identified by other studies include problems with water quality, warming river temperatures, quality and availability of spawning habitat and physical impediments to their movements within the river system both upstream and downstream, such as Weirs and blockages.

Unless you're an Angler you are probably not aware of any of this. Why would you be? For the most part, most of what is happening is practically invisible going on below the surface of the water. By raising awareness of some of the problems facing fish and other wildlife associated with the River we hope to inspire local people living in the catchment to take an interest and become 'River Watchers'. There are many things going on over the next four years, interpretive art, community plays, school workshops & visits, training days, Fly fishing demonstrations and of course the most important thing Volunteer action! You can get involved in many different ways and between us all, we can create a healthy future for this beautiful river of ours and its wildlife.

Our Core Values

  • Inspire Local People

  • Raise Awareness

  • Create a healthy future

  • Protect Wildlife & Biodiversity

  • ... and in doing so, create a better River for Salmon and Sea Trout

The Project Partners

We couldn't do this with our Project Partners and Friends, so a big thank you to all of them!