Redd report for 2023/24

Project Officers and volunteers were out on the rivers this winter on the lookout for spawning salmon and their redds. After last years poor spawning season, we were hoping for better results this year.

Teign and tributaries: Salmon started their spawning activity in the upper Teign in mid December and several were seen on the usual gravels and elsewhere. Interestingly, within the Dunsford Nature reserve a huge tree has fallen into the river and the action of water around the tree has created fantastic new spawning gravels. Four redds were observed and 3 salmon seen at the new gravels. Further upstream in the Chagford area, hen salmon were seen cutting redds with some nice video of the action being taken by a volunteer, see the video below. Evidence was found of spawning on another newly formed area of gravels near Chagford.

In October at least one salmon or perhaps a large sea trout was seen leaping at Fernworthy dam on the South Teign, so after a search it was good to find at least one redd on the very upper river. Over on the Blackaton Brook we found one, perhaps two salmon redds. Not great but certainly better than last year. Redds were found at several locations down as far as Lyneham in the lower Teign valley.

The total number of redds found on the Teign and tributaries was 31. This was far better than last

Bovey and tributaries: Sadly no salmon or redds were found on the Bovey at all. This is despite some lovely gravels being available on the Bovey and Becka Brook.

Anyone wishing to see the full report may contact PO Geoff Stephens at Anyone wishing to join our merry band of volunteers for this activity during next December should also contact Geoff.

Many thanks to the volunteers who turned out to walk the rivers and search for salmon and their redds. It’s a very important part of the project work. Special thanks to Bill Blake who took the video of the salmon – right time, right place, and an expert eye!