Water quality monitoring training session

Great news for anyone who is interested in some water quality surveying on the Teign – we have got some of the monitoring kits in stock and ready to hand out to you!

We are supporting anyone who would like to join Westcountry Rivers Trust’s CSI monitoring scheme. It is a practical way to get involved in monitoring the health of the river, spot pollution events, and produce data to help target work effectively. While the scheme was set up and is run by WRT, we are going to run a training session for anyone who would like to get involved. It’s often easier (and more fun) to learn with others, and we will have one of CSI’s longstanding volunteers on hand to provide tips and demos on how to use the equipment effectively. We can help you to choose a site(s) and can also use our own vast database to target survey sites most effectively.

We will run this training session in October in the Chagford area. If you would like to take part, please let Louise know.