PIT Tagging update

We are really pleased that the PIT tagging project for migration & habitat study is now fully underway, with antennae installations completed in the Teign (PIT = passive intermittent transponders, tiny tags similar to those used to identify cats & dogs).

During June and July the last of the project migration study battery powered antennae were installed at 3 locations in the Teign catchment. These are in addition to the solar powered antenna which was installed last year.
These antennae are used to record PIT tagged fish as they pass over the antennae that have been fixed to the river bed. Each high tech antennae is custom designed and made on site by our associates at Fishtrack, leaders in the field of fish tracking and migration study. The photo above is of the guys from Fishtrack anchoring an antennae to the bed of the river.

And here are some of our volunteers and phd student Bertie about to help the Fishtrack guys carry a very large antennae into the river. Huge thanks to our volunteers for turning out at very short notice, as always we couldn’t have done it without you.

Now that the antennae are in river, we can start learning more about how fish are using the river, and where/what some of the barriers might be along the way. Watch this space for updates!