summer holiday fun in chagford

A recent post described our programme of electric fishing surveys for salmon fry during August.

One of the sites we surveyed is is a popular spot in Chagford, so we took the opportunity to invite some of the local Chagford children down to the river to see just what we were up to. We were joined by some of the children from Beech class of Chagford Primary School at the Rushford survey site; parent Zoe Francis and supporter and volunteer Jill Millar organised the children, and along with another parent led them down to the river to our meet our survey team.

The object of the exercise was to introduce the children to the river and its fish and insect life. The survey team showed the children some salmon and trout fry, as well as loach and bullheads. The children were able to examine the fish at close quarters and even touched some of them. Lots of questions were received and answered. The adults also showed great interest and were amazed at what they saw.

The children assisted with the safe return of the fish to the river. Jill then led a short Riverfly kick sampling session so as to capture some invertebrates which were shown to the children and she described how the bugs transform into beautiful flying insects, if not not eaten beforehand by the little fish!

Many thanks to Sam and George from the Westcountry Rivers Trust for their help with this important piece of engagement and education. A thoroughly good time was had by all!