Our project exhibition is open!

We are really pleased to announce that our project exhibition was launched at the end of March 2022. Hosted by our partners, the National Trust at Castle Drogo, the exhibition can be viewed by visitors in the Gun Room for the next three years.

Through a series of panels, the exhibition tells the story of the salmon in the river Teign catchment. The history of salmon since the ice age is explained, its importance as a source of food is described as is the fascinating and interesting life cycle of this magnificent and once common fish.

Sadly, the numbers of salmon in the Teign and nearly every river in the UK have declined massively over the past few decades. The exhibition panels describe the negative impacts affecting every stage of the salmon’s life. Visitors won’t be surprised to learn that it is human activity that is responsible for the decline in salmon numbers. Barriers to migration e.g.weirs and pollution are but two of many factors contributing to the decline. Global warming is of course a problem.

The exhibition centre piece is formed by two fascinating pieces of video footage filmed in the weir pool below the castle. One shows some of the pressures upon the salmon and the other is of salmon and other fish beneath the surface of the river.

One of the video loops playing – this one shows life above water, while the screen adjacent shows life below the water

A showcase in the Gun Room holds an interesting display of ancient and modern fishing tackle, some of which is just like that used by Julius Drewe, who built Drogo Castle. Julius fished on the river when there were lots of salmon!

The final panel describes what can be done to help reverse the decline in numbers, what can you do to help the salmon. Some simple actions are described that can help reverse the decline in numbers with the simplest being, don’t litter, don’t pollute, learn about your river and care for it. Visitors will see some QR codes that can be used to take them to links on the Project’s website where much more information is available and volunteering opportunities are described.

This is a fascinating exhibition, with lots on information about the Teign, and we hope that you will enjoy visiting it. The exhibition will be open when Castle Drogo is open, please see here for opening times Castle Drogo Opening Hours

Thank you to all at The National Trust who helped pull this exhibition together, and for the use of the Gun Room.